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Curbed Community Fake MARTA Tweets are Here!

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We asked for bitingly satirical MARTA Twitter posts and ATLiens delivered

Last week, we asked passionate intown Atlantans to come up with fake posts for the MARTA Twitter account. The impetus? Officials with San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) network got fed up and started dropping truth on Twitter recently. It was fascinating.

In Atlanta, the fake-MARTA-Twiter campaign results have run the gamut from policy-minded to lighthearted to angry and caustic. So it's about what you'd expect from anything generated on the Internet. Here are some top entries.

From Sadgarbage:

If MARTA officials had low self-esteem:

from dusty83

If MARTA dipped its toes into the Religious Freedom pool:

from TrolleyMcTroll

Some harsh comparative truth:

Oh, come on, we'd be Alabama at worst:

Close, but it's actually Sen. John Albers of North Fulton:

from princejereme

Transit is used by almost 70 percent of commuters on other metro systems. Ouch:

And here's the silly stuff — the first of which was apparently reTweeted 1.5 million times:

from @CalebSynan

from @andrewjmichael