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$500K Castleberry Hill Loft is Absolutely Nuts

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Walls of corrugated steel, anybody?

The listing agent declares this colorful industrial loft in Castleberry Hill a "truly ... incomparable property," and it's tough to argue with that. You think your flat at the former Sears, Roebuck & Co. warehouse is cool? Well this place used to be loading docks!

Located at the base of a 90-year-old Peters Street building, this huge unit (3,277 square feet) has mixed zoning (and a very commercial facade) that allows for live-work space. As is, it offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms and daring elements like a stainless-steel bathroom door, walls of corrugated steel, and that all-too-rare loft accouterment: the gum-ball machine.

While it's promoted as being "posh and polished," less-adventurous buyers could see "downright whacky" or "slightly like a dungeon." The asking price is $500,000, and a buyer would definitely want to leave room in the budget for blinds.