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Atlanta's Best New Architecture: Have Your Say

Voting is now open for the 2016 People's Choice Awards

It's awards season! The Oscars and Grammys may have passed, and the Tonys and Emmys are a long way off, but AIA Georgia is gearing up for their annual Georgia Design Awards. And they want your 2 cents.

While most of the awards recognizing the best projects and practitioners in Georgia from the year are decided by a jury of experts (thankfully), us lay-folk are given the opportunity to have our say with the People's Choice Awards

This year the pool features a staggering 73 submissions. Options include local projects like Inman Quarter and the Georgia State University College of Law Building, as well as projects from around across the country such as the Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine at Western Michigan University, and even around the world, such as the Ningxia International Conference Center.

With residences, libraries, churches, schools, interior fit-outs, and even high-rises, there's a wide range of buildings to vote on.

Have your say over at the voting website. After all, the choices are probably better than the decision we'll have to make in November (ba-dum tshh).

With the awards ceremony a few weeks away, polls won't be open for long.