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Midtown Condo's Giant Patio Proves a Magnet for Offers

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A case of the outdoor space actually trumping the condo's size

Maybe there's an insatiable appetite for condos in general in Atlanta right now, especially in cosmopolitan districts like Midtown. Or maybe, when a condo's patio is actually larger than the unit itself, and when it's listed during Atlanta's pristine (if yellowed) spring season, it's a recipe for an offer onslaught.

Such was the case with this $275,000, two-bedroom unit at the relatively unsung Parc Vue Midtown building, a few steps from Piedmont Park. David N. Vannort Jr. of Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services tells Curbed the condo had multiple offers within 24 hours of listing — thanks in no small part to a 1,000-square-foot, southeast-facing patio that's marketed as being "one-of-a-kind." Apparently, this outdoor haven was attractive enough to trump interior design touches — textured ceilings, glass blocks — that picky Atlanta buyers often quibble with.

The unit itself is 960 square feet, with a den, 10-foot ceilings, and renovated kitchen with quartz counters. Beyond the condo, there's one parking space, a pool, and a concierge included in this 2005 building. HOA fees are $414, which isn't cheap or astronomical.