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Ex-Hawk Joe Johnson Still Can't Sell Swanky, $4.7M Manse

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J-J-J-Joe hasn't discounted this place one single dollar since 2012

For being a pretty regular guy (with a $120+ million contract), Joe Johnson exhibited refined taste with his seven-bedroom Atlanta manse, proving that not all local athletes favor tacky suburban mansions or mega-compounds that rival the Pentagon.

And now he's exhibiting extraordinary patience. Or stubbornness.

As the property hawks at Virgent Realty point out, Johnson's Londonberry Road crib is once again on the market. And despite more de-listings than Johnson has trades, the home hasn't budged a buck from its 2012 price of $4.7 million.

Joe The Basketball Player bought this sprawling, nearly 14,000-square-foot manse back in 2005 for $3.8 million, the year he joined the Hawks. It's located among many other large, ultra-luxury houses on Londonberry in that gray area between Sandy Springs and Buckhead.

Designed by architect Bill Harrison, the 2000-built home boasts an infinity edge guinite pool (not pictured, unfortunately) and a "flawless chef's kitchen" the listing claims is "right off the pages of Architectural Digest." Here, says the broker, is where "Old World Charm meets Elegant Contemporary Styling."

But for nearly four years and counting, it hasn't been where any big-money buyer has met their dreams.