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Quirky Cabbagetown Shotgun Slices Price

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Lovers of quaint residential architecture — and purple — required

Here’s that rare Cabbagetown property — a circa-1920 shotgun with a hair over 1,000 square feet, in this case — that’s lasted more than seven minutes on the open market. Why so? Apparently, not every Atlanta buyer is keen on bold paint schemes, cozy New Orleans-esque architecture, street parking, and the idea of entering the house via the master bedroom. Still, after a recent price-chop of $9,100, this $299,900 listing offers a single-family entrée into C-town for about the going rate of a comparably sized condo. It has two legit bedrooms and bathrooms, vaulted ceilings with skylights, and a cutesy back porch overlooking a fenced yard. A block from Carroll Street Café, it is quintessentially Cabaggetown in many ways.