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Views From Midtown Penthouse are Rather Spectacular

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Now THAT'S a proper terrace

Buying condos for the view is always a risky proposition, but this two-story penthouse atop the fittingly named ViewPoint tower — Atlanta's 20th tallest building at 36 stories and 500 feet — could have vantages that last a while. At least in most directions.

With a wide-open main level, the sheer volume here impresses, and the listing agent appropriately describes the views as "breathtaking." For 2,200 square feet, the bedroom and bathroom count (two and two) is relatively low, but there's also two kitchens, and one incredible terrace in the sky. It's 800 square feet of couches and a fireplace and gorgeous vistas — a party waiting to happen.

All yours for $1.29 million.