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Poll: Does Bust Loom in Midtown ATL, Like Miami?

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More than 7,000 apartments are under construction or planned in Midtown alone

This week, the Wall Street Journal raised eyebrows with a story titled "Another Condo Bust Looms in Miami," which outlined what developers are doing amid falling condo sales and increasing inventory to avoid financial bloodbaths.

At the end of 2015, Miami condo sales had dipped by 20 percent from the previous year — while inventory surged by a third, the newspaper reports. More than a half-dozen projects have been axed or put on hold. Still, 7,300 condos are under construction right now.

All of this crane talk got us thinking about somewhere closer to home ... Midtown Atlanta, where apartments, not condos, are rising left and right.

Across Midtown, the rough math says more than 7,200 rental units are in the pipeline — with more than 4,000 of those under construction as we speak, as indicated by this recently updated map.

But in Atlanta, when it comes to absorption, positive signs do abound.

Much has been written about Midtown apartments scoring occupancy rates well above 90 percent despite the tsunami of new product. And employers like NCR and State Farm are bringing thousands of well-paying jobs to Midtown and other intown job centers connected to the same rail lines.

So who really knows? But with this poll, we're asking Atlantans to lean on what they've read, heard, or seen at street level to make an educated guess about what's to come in Atlanta's development epicenter: