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West End 'Hidden Gem' Bungalow Asks $215K

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Perks include four bedrooms and Beltline proximity

Two blocks from The Wren’s Nest and down the street from The Mall West End, this turnkey Craftsman bungalow stands as proof that affordability in Atlanta is still a thing. It sits a stone’s throw from downtown and the Beltline’s under-construction Westside Trail, offering a full four bedrooms for $215,000.

Built in 2003, the home's not as old as it may seem as first blush; according to the listing agent, that was no accident, because the home "seamlessly blended in our historic community" while offering "many great modern details" to include a mudroom, pantry, and linen closet. The interior is elegant, highlighted by a huge built-in bookshelf, fireplace, and abundant hardwoods. With about 1,700 square feet and two bathrooms, it’s not exactly huge, but neither is the price tag. Added bonus: that precious, prestigious West End hardware.