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$2M in Buckhead Buys Backyard Golf Course

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The flummoxed water buffalo, however, is probably not included

What do a par-three golf course, a water buffalo, and 5,000 square feet of Cape Cod have in common? We don’t know, but you can have it all for $2 million and whatever the going rate is for a legion of landscapers. According to the listing, this sprawling five-bedroom Buckhead home "was made for entertaining." It features five fireplaces (dang!), custom cabinets, a vaulted great room and screened porch, as well as a wine cellar and in-law suite with a kitchen above the garage. The den is the kind of wood-paneled place you sip brandy and discuss the greatness of Reagan.

This place is ideal, really, for those long days when all you want to do is open a nice bottle by the fireplace — and bask in the flummoxed gaze of a large bovid, eternally separated from its herd ...