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Va-Hi Traditional Tempts 'Discerning Buyers' for $1.17M

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5,000 square feet in the heart of walkable Virginia-Highland

The listing for this $1.17 million traditional-style house in Virginia-Highland talks a big game, calling it "the standout in the neighborhood" and capable of lassoing "discerning buyers." Well well, discerning buyers, let's see about that. This tri-level house dates to 1920 and includes a meticulously restored 5,000 square feet, smack dab on Highland Avenue (Murphy's to the left, Diesel to the right) with a Walk Score of 87. From the exterior, it has a storybook quality and dynamite landscaping though privacy seekers may be left wanting. Inside, it's the sort of place where vintage-cool decor, burly fireplace mantels, a giant mug of Jackie Kennedy, and explosively pink (if not paisley) rooms seem to work in concert. While there's no garage, the vaguely Bavarian shed looks twice the size of most tiny houses. So what say you, discerning buyers?