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Phoenix Flies 2016 is History Buff's Dream

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Beginning this week, free events and 200-plus tours showcase Atlanta's history

Calling all history buffs and architecture nerds: Phoenix Flies has swooped in for another year of exploring historic Atlanta. Hosted by the Atlanta Preservation Center, the two-week affair promotes preservation and teaches participants about Atlanta's history through better understanding of the city's historic architecture, neighborhoods, and the stories associated with them. With more than 200 tours and events, the program truly has something for everyone. Some of the highlights include:

  • Explore the historic Herndon House
  • Jump on a Beltline bus tour
  • Learn from the Kenan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center
  • Walk through one (or a few) of Atlanta's most storied neighborhoods
  • Snag a sneak peek at the Historic Burns Cottage
  • Fawn over the Fabulous Fox Theatre
  • See Atlanta's MARTA stations like never before
  • Step back in time at the Wren's Nest

The event kicked off Saturday and runs through Sunday, March 20. For those who love Atlanta history, gorgeous architecture, or are looking for an excuse to wander around some neat neighborhoods and enjoy the spring weather, Phoenix Flies is a primo destination.

Atlanta Preservation Center

327 Saint Paul Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312 (404) 688-3353