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Ansley Park Zen Palace Holds Firm at Nearly $4M

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This 1912 manse has been on the market a year, and it hasn't budged a buck

Billed as "Ansley's Park's signature home," this sprawling 1912 manse hugs Zen gardens in the shadow of Midtown — and after a year on the market (as of tomorrow), it still hasn't budged a buck from the initial listing price of $3.85 million. Exquisiteness must translate to patience.

The walled garden and koi ponds could put any traffic-frazzled soul at ease. The interior has wall-mounted ladders leading to lofts, room after room of amazing Asian artifacts and original art, and more than 8,400 square feet. It manages to make a random antique elevator look cool and the mother of all skylights seem logical. There isn't a ceiling in here that doesn't seem touched by some serious design genius, which would make sense given its Portman ownership lineage.