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Big Downtown Block Could be Up for Grabs

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United Way weighs options for their property along Edgewood Avenue

A large downtown property on the Atlanta Streetcar line could soon come into play for developers. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports the United Way is exploring options and contemplating a sale of their property in east downtown, near Sweet Auburn. Located in the heart of the Georgia State University campus, just across the street (and streetcar tracks) from Hurt Park, the site currently consists of a surface parking lot and 18-story midcentury building. Bisected by Lynch's Alley, the four-acre site boasts addresses on both Auburn and Edgewood avenues — two thoroughfares that could qualify as burgeoning these days.

According to city estimates, the land was worth almost $40 million at last valuation, though given the rapidly increasing interest developers are taking in downtown, that number could be low. The property is part of the Woodruff Volunteer Center, home to an array of offices, including the headquarters for the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). Speculation is that United Way could relocate its facilities to a building facing Auburn Avenue, allowing for the conversion of the high-rise on the site, or new construction.

While it will be months before the organization decides how to proceed, the property should attract interest as developers jockey for real estate in the heart of the city.

Woodruff Volunteer Services Center

100 Edgewood Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303