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Summerhill Bungalow Goes All Downtown Loft Inside

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When drunk, upstairs should probably be off-limits

A foul ball's bounce from Turner Field sits this Summerhill bungalow with an unexpected interior that gives new meaning to open-loft concept.

From the exterior, the 1920 domicile is quintessentially intown Atlanta, with an ample front porch, adorable dormer, and ancient-looking sidewalk retaining wall. Inside, historical elements like beautiful fireplaces and pocket doors abound; depending on your perspective, these either blend or collide with starkly contemporary touches like a metal loft ladder and upstairs flex space, which you might not want to visit while tipsy. The kicker is the sleek but jolting modern kitchen.

Following a $25,000 price-chop last week, the new ask is $325,000. That buys two bedrooms, 1,248 square feet, and a single bathroom with a minimal dual-vanity and exposed teak.

The backyard space is described as an entertainer's paradise, which makes sense because the rail-less deck would make for a killer stage.