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Decatur's Historic Houston House to See New Life

Concept described as 'Hogwarts meets Skywalker Ranch'

Ready your lightsabers and wizards wands! A nonprofit arts and technology after-school program has announced on its website plans to restore and put to use Decatur's historic Houston House at 418 Church St.

A blurb on The Märchen Sagen Academy's website describes an effort to "restore as much of the house as we can, blending old and new stylings, warm lighting and tones and creating a sort of Hogwarts meets Skywalker Ranch right in the middle of Downtown Decatur," as the Decatur Metro site reports.

The academy is slated to open in fall 2016, focusing on audio and video production and serving elementary school students and families living in the City of Decatur, per their website.

The academy's website goes on to describe the home's rather fascinating history, which involves impressively strong mules:

"Constructed in 1905, the house was moved from the Decatur Square to its present location in 1924. Built by Dr. Washington Jackson Houston in 1905, the house was actually constructed where Brick Store and Sweet Melissa’s is today, in the loop at the old courthouse. It was turned and moved by a pack of mules in 1924 to take advantage of the commerce that took place around the courthouse. The move allowed commercial structures to be built on the parcels surrounding the house."