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$1.1M Midtown Reno Rocks, Despite Abundance of Grey

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Even the chimney got hit with the grey stick

The 50 Shades of Home Renovation Grey phenomenon is nothing new in Atlanta, but this fresh Midtown listing could take the trend to previously unseen levels, coating the stone chimney in a ubiquitous color that's either safe, indecisive, attractively neutral, or boring.

It's just a matter of perspective. And grey tolerance.

Beyond the color palette, this circa-1920 bungalow stands four blocks from Piedmont Park, offering five bedrooms and north of 3,500 square feet. As the refreshingly grade-A listing photos attest, the home's highlights — a nice wide porch and soaring foyer — don't take long to reveal themselves. The double-decker deck is nice, though neither level is particularly huge.

The listing agent insists that buyers should rush over to 6th Street, because "at this price ... it will not last long," as if $1.1 million is a fire sale.