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Peachtree Hills Home is Business in Front, Party in Back

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Two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one hell of a pool area

In Atlanta real estate, looks can be deceiving, and curb appeal an illusion.

What appears to be a quiet abode housing friendly folks who brush their teeth three times a day and listen to adult contemporary music (at a reasonable volume) could actually be a front for a lifestyle of clandestine decadence.

Case in point: This $599,000 split-personality shocker in Peachtree Hills?

From the view in front it looks so, well, unassuming. But a deeper exploration of the listing photos makes it clear that this book is too easily judged by its cover. Two bedrooms, three bathrooms, 2,560 square feet, and one hell of a backyard for cookouts, whether you invited your bridge club or Pablo Escobar.