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Near Atlantic Station, Foreclosed Modern Finally Lands Contract

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Take an elevator to the third-floor roof deck; see Midtown rise

Records indicate that this sizable modern-style house, lording whitely on a Home Park hilltop near Atlantic Station, has grappled with foreclosure since 2014. Which is strange considering the rarity of Atlanta homes with 360-degree views and rooftops befitting a boutique condo building.

But after the most recent price dipped to $729,750, this tri-level, nearly 3,900-square-footer went under contract in January, signaling that brighter days could lay ahead. (Aspects of the roof and lower porch have an abandoned air about them, per the foreclosure-grade listing photos).

It has just three bedrooms but a two-car garage and killer views of evolving Midtown. Its status as a "contemporary masterpiece," per the listing agent, is questionable, but living this large (with a personal elevator) for less than $1 million is a feat these days.