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Gasp! Atlanta's Historic DAR House Discreetly Demo'ed

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Craigie House on Piedmont Avenue is finally, unceremoniously pulverized

This week has brought the loss of another Atlanta building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The remnants of Ansley Park’s historic Craigie House are officially no more. Sometime in the last two days, the owners of the remaining vestiges of the weather-battered structure made good on a demolition permit issued at the end of last month.

Built in 1911 by the Daughters of the American Revolution, the home had been abandoned for decades when it hit the market back in 2012 for less than $400,000. By 2013, things were looking up after a husband-wife team bought the home for $350,000 with plans to renovate it into a single-family home. But Mother Nature had other plans.

As renovations slowly plodded along, accumulated ice during Snowpocalypse collapsed the majority of the building, leaving just the front facade of the home intact.

The owners vowed to save the remains of the structure, but the four proud Corinthian columns and remaining brick wall simply languished across Piedmont Avenue from the Piedmont Driving Club. By the end of 2014, the owners put the wall and 0.16 acres of land on the market for a rather steep $685,000.

The demolition this week, while not all that surprising, comes as a shock to anyone who'd grown used to seeing the facade soldiering on.

The site is zoned residential. Its new owners will have to think thin, as it'll be a tight squeeze on the tiny site for whatever comes next.