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Townhomes 'At Decatur Square' are Nearly a Mile Away

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Because "at" is just a matter of perspective

Who can fault a townhome project's marketing team for wanting to capitalize on proximity to Decatur's vibrant downtown square? Even when that proximity is a four-minute drive with no traffic.

Dubbed "The Park at Decatur Square," the townhomes will actually be located about a mile away. Someone's playing fast and loose with the preposition "at."

That's like saying "Atlanta at The Ocean" because Tybee Island is an easy drive away.

In fact, the Decatur Walmart is twice as close, just up the street. But "The Park at Suburban Plaza Shopping Center" doesn't have the same cachet.

Nor does "The Park by Walmart."

Anyway, these six rather huge residences are in the works on Church Street, with expectations of being delivered by this summer, per the project's website.

Thus far, prices unveiled for three units range from $649,900 up to $689,900. Some preview images:

A promotional website describes the project as follows:

The Park at Decatur Square is an exclusive, new development of six luxury townhomes.

Meticulously-designed exteriors offer both classic and modern details that honor the character and historic nature of the surrounding community. Each home offers a unique and thoughtful design with timeless color schemes and materials.

Spacious interiors offer nearly 3,300 square feet of living space, one of the largest new construction townhomes available in the Decatur area. Our standard plan layout offers up to four bedrooms and is customizable to include a double master bedroom option on the upper level.

And now, four levels of floorplans: