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Latest Edgewood Modern Hankers for Half-a-Million

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For $500,000: four bedrooms, three decks, and trendsetter status

Joining the ranks of recent Edgewood moderns like this and this, here's a newly built two-story abode with multiple decks and an open floor plan.

At 2,381 square feet, this clean-lined domicile has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Asking price is $499,900, and according to the listing, that gets the prospective buyer a chef's kitchen with quartz countertops, upgraded stainless appliances, butler's pantry and walk-in pantry, and a large master with en-suite double vanities.

With three decks (two of which overlook a somewhat desolate backyard if the listing photo is any indication) there's plenty of space for a homeowner to kick back, lounge in the sun, and sip an ice cold beverage, waiting for the rest of the neighborhood to get with the program and go modern with one of these boxy, futuristic residences — unusual as the style may seem to traditionalists.