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Come, Make an Offer on This Bonkers Buckhead Mansion

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It goes to auction May 19 with no reserve

Who doesn't want to live in 14,000 square feet of European-style decadence on Northside Drive, right? But who can afford a William T. Baker neoclassic masterpiece with two manicured acres, a 26-foot-tall grand foyer, climate-controlled wine cellar, six bedrooms, and a colossal pool?

The answer: anybody and everybody.

(Worry about property taxes, maintenance fees, and all that yada yada later.)

This 1998 Buckhead mansion is desperate for a buyer. It goes to auction May 19, and the listing stresses it's selling with no reserve. Which, as Virgent Realty has pointed out, makes the list price of $3.85 million either peculiar or totally irrelevant.

Property records and media reports indicate there's been some squirrelly past ownership moves going on here (see the sixth paragraph of this Wall Street Journal report). It's been listed for as high as $6.7 million but hasn't sold in several years.

That loss could equal your gain, ye ordinary hardworking laymen of Atlanta.

The listing makes no bones about it: This could be the chance of a lifetime. Here's the language, verbatim: "This exceptional property can be yours now. A RARE opportunity for you to own at YOUR price!"

So what'll be a fair offer come May 19? We've provided a few logical options in this poll. Cast a vote and have a gander at grandeur in the photos below.