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Slick Midcentury Ranch Near Spaghetti Junction Costs $425K

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Now that's some unique curb appeal

Here's an example of a midcentury modern residence in Atlanta where contemporary updates seem to work in concert with what's clearly been diligent maintenance over the years.

This vintage 1963 ranch sits in the shadow of Spaghetti Junction, in a subdivision called Shenandoah Valley near Northlake and Embry Hills. For $425,000, a buyer gets four bedrooms, 2,520 square feet, and one really unique, angular facade.

Perks include a gourmet kitchen — with appliances that obviously weren't made in the 1960s — and a cozy den with the original tongue-and-groove cedar paneling and fireplace. The basement boasts a workshop and more living space, but haters of suspended ceilings should not look up.

Beyond the period-appropriate carport there's a cool elevated lounge deck in the backyard, where a hip-feeling homeowner could sip a Sidecar or two.