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Decatur's Arlo Apartments Materialize; DQ Construction to Begin

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Fifteen of 210 apartment units ready for rent in June

Decatur's multifamily game is moving forward as we speak.

A representative of the Arlo development in Decatur says the pie-shaped, mixed-use project at 245 Trinity Place could have apartments for rent as early as June.

Kent Collins, principal owner of Centro Development, said the first 15 of a total 210 units will be available to rent in the coming weeks, with a total buildout expected by the end of August.

Collins said that by June some live-work space, the leasing management office, and all amenities will also be built.

In addition, the Dairy Queen that closed in 2014 to make way for the project will reopen inside the development. Collins said the restaurant has "received their tenant finish permit from the city of Decatur, so they should be starting (construction) soon … in the next week or two."

Added Collins: "We’re excited about opening in Decatur, and … we think it’s going to be a good addition to the downtown area."

In the development's early stages, rumor had it that a huge street mural would cover the exposed parking garage that faces the adjacent train tracks.

Regarding progress on a mural, Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne said Decatur is working with the Decatur Arts Alliance "on several mural projects in the city … when Mr. Collins is in town later this month, we are going to show him the portfolios for the artists who submitted for that project and ask him to assist in selecting three or four to interview" for the mural.