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Inside SQ5, Georgia Tech's Midtown Super Dorms

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Because college just isn't college without rooftop pools and in-house craft coffee bars

"Thanks, dad!"
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

This latest installment of Revenge of the Nerds Visual Journeys takes us to the other swanky new student living tower on Spring Spring in Midtown, the 25-story Square on Fifth.

Like its competitor up the street, University House (see photos here), the so-called SQ5 is an amenity-packed luxury living arrangement with skyline views and all sorts of stylish places to study and chill. The 230-unit project topped out about a year ago, and nearly every apartment was spoken for before classes began last summer.

The Tech Square-connected location makes it a convenient choice for Ramblin' Wrecks — fittingly, the building's website jokes that George P. Burdell has even signed a lease. As these photos illustrate, SQ5 offers eight floorplans, a craft coffee bar in the lobby, and a rooftop pool and gym.

Because that's how the college set rolls in Midtown these days.