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Streets Alive Brings Party to the Southside

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Event draws tens of thousands of participants to route from Westview to Grant Park

Streets Alive in Grant Park.
Streets Alive in Grant Park.
Photos: Michael Kahn, Curbed

Streets Alive returned to Atlanta this weekend, featuring a four-mile route through the city's southside. By all indications, it was a hit.

Linking Westview, West End, Adair Park, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsville, Summerhill, and Grant Park via Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard and Georgia Avenue, the event drew Atlantans from across the metro. One late-afternoon emcee in West End described the festivities simply as "beautiful."

The afternoon kicked off with a bike parade starting at Grant Park, and vendors, food stalls, and plenty of pop-up activity stations lined the route. While the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition put attendance estimates at just 20,000 before the event, good weather — combined with an extensive, fresh route — likely brought many more people out than expected.

The next Streets Alive event will be June 12 along Peachtree Street through Midtown and downtown.