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Grant Park Reno Now Named 'The Beacon'

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Developer Phillipe Pellerin plans a "layered neighborhood experience"

A Grant Park redevelopment project has a definitive name and vision.

The project at 1040 Grant St., a $20-million revitalization effort of six warehouses, has been dubbed "The Beacon." According to the Pellerin Real Estate website, the company expects the development to be the "next significant lifestyle destination along the Atlanta Beltline."

The developer has said The Beacon will have a broad array of businesses that would support all-day activity in the area. Tenants could include a food market, music venue, gym, nursery, salons, and an assortment of restaurants. The project is also adding loft office and studio spaces, with plans for art galleries.

The plan echoes other ground-level concepts on the Beltline and elsewhere, like Krog Street Market, the in-the-works Atlanta Dairies, and King Plow Arts Center. By adding centrally located spaces with such varied utility, Pellerin hopes The Beacon will be yet another cornerstone that spurs neighborhood growth and redevelopment.

Pellerin has projects all over the city in different stages of progress. One in Little Five points, behind Brewpub and across the street from Zesto, is slated to house offices and a hair salon. Another in Pittsburgh will bring up eight single family homes for low and middle income residents. That project is being developed in conjunction with three other companies in a joint venture called REAL Group, LLC.

King Plow Arts Center

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