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Cabbagetown Cottage from 1880s is Pint-Sized but Cool

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From the outside, they don't get much cuter than this in Atlanta

This adorable Cabbagetown cottage dates back to the 1800s and is one of the neighborhood's original homes, according to the listing. With a single bedroom, bathroom, and just 834 square feet, it could almost qualify as a tiny home, too, but that's not to say it seems cramped.

The opposite, in fact.

The family room soars for two stories and offers a fireplace and the cool, urban touch that exposed beams provide.

The available space has certainly been maximized here, but the resulting upstairs flex space seems a bit wonky for anyone whose head isn't triangular. Calling the master bedroom "spacious" could be a stretch, but the listing agent is right on the money in describing what awaits out back as a "private landscaped backyard oasis."

It sits a block from Carroll Street and therefore carries the "very walkable" Walk Score of 74. Could be a primo buy for a single city dweller or very small couple, especially if they're carless. The price: $225,000.