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Stream Flows Directly Beneath this $1 Million Brookhaven Home

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Not mentioned in the listing: feeling constant need to pee

Ever wonder what it'd be like to live in a home near a gentle stream? How about right on top of one, literally straddling it?

Well, here's a homeowner's chance to realize that unique dream. Part of the foundation of this Brookhaven home from 1964 was built over running waters that, based on a glance at Google Maps, seem to possibly stem from picturesque Little Nancy Creek.

Touted in the listing as "Historic Brookhaven's most unique home" — that's bold — the asking price for this four bedroom, three bathroom, 3,682-square-foot abode is $1.05 million. The interior looks dated but could please the purists.

With water flowing literally right below one's home, a prospective homeowner might ask themselves: "Hey, should I be concerned?"

As if reading worried minds, the listing answers in all caps, like a text from your mom: "NOT IN FLOOD PLAIN"