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Atlantic Station: Atlanta's Boom Town?

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A new study finds that Atlantic Station ranks among the top 10 of "America's Boom Towns"

Atlantic Station is often viewed as an entertainment enclave near the heart of the city, rather than a residential neighborhood. Marooned across the asphalt sea of The Connector from Midtown, it is an island unto itself in many ways.

But according to a new study by, zip code 30363 — which comprises Atlantic Station — is experiencing tremendous growth. In fact, with expected residential growth of 15.7 percent in the next five years, it landed at number 10 on the list of "America’s Boom Towns."

Detractors might call it a Disney-fied slice of urbanity, and others a blessing manufactured from the brownfield malaise of the former Atlantic Steel Mill. Either way, the development's fortunes have changed since it was dramatically stalled by the recession.

But with development in the area roaring back to life, real estate types bullish on the market, and the Atlantic being converted into high-end condos, is Atlantic Station really the hot place of the future?