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Photos: The Future Segments of Buckhead's PATH400

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We got the chance to explore the unfinished segments of the Buckhead trail. This thing could be amazing

Urban serenity on a future segment of PATH400.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Yesterday afternoon we got a sneak peek at the next few phases of the seemingly unstoppable PATH400. Led by Denise Starling, director of Livable Buckhead, the tour provided a preview of how fantastic the multi-use trail could be.

The trip took us to three segments of the future trail — one soon to finish, one soon to start, and one destined to come further down the road.

The first stop was Old Ivy Road, where the trail's first segment — completed at the end of 2014 — meets the soon-to-be-finished phase which connects northward to Wieuca Road. With grading nearing completion, and concrete sound barriers being installed, the path should be ready for an opening in September.

The second stop was the top of Miami Circle in Lindbergh for a walk along what remains of Canterbury Road, which was severed when Ga. Highway 400 was built. The walk took us through the woods, past gardens built by squatters and nearby residents, to Sidney Marcus Boulevard. With stakes in the ground to establish the path of the trail, work is expected to get underway in the coming month.

Finally, the third stop took us down to Ga. Highway 400 to access the yet-to-be-staked segment that will run alongside the MARTA and Norfolk Southern rail lines between East Paces Ferry Road and Miami Circle. Perhaps the most visually interesting area on the trail, the segment will embrace its industrial and infrastructural surroundings.