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Fancy a Mondo-Craftsman in Ansley Park? That'll be $3.3M

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For those checklists with multiple laundry rooms and slots for four cars

From the prestigious firm of Harrison Design comes this sprawling new traditional-style residence that's touted as being "on one of the most desirable streets of Ansley Park," which is debatable. What's not: This place is extraordinarily gigantic and in many places dazzlingly, blindingly white.

With 7,200 square feet, it's like an overgrown but artful version of the Craftsman-style new-builds that've popped up around Atlanta since at least the early 2000s. For the cool price of $3.3 million, it offers five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an inventive carriage house that you can enter through the upstairs windows/doors.

"Wow" moments do abound here. Beginning with the sheer spaciousness of the porch and main level, and the fact that a buyer would have a choice of which laundry room to use, and which two-car garage to park in. (Excess alert). The four beefy fireplaces are plusses, as is the living room's wide-open relationship with the main patio.

With four levels, there's of course an elevator, too.