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At Atlantic Station, $650K for These Expansive Views

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Honey, could you check the traffic for me?

One selling point for high-rise living in Atlanta has always been the ability "to check traffic from bed." Well, this two-bedroom, high-floor unit at The Atlantic extends that capability to the dining room, living room, and kitchen, where The Connector's latest mess would be readily apparent.

Asking $650,000, this is a 1,745-square-foot corner unit on the so-called Executive Level, which offers, as the listing declares in a burst of all caps, "MILLION DOLLAR VIEWS & PENTHOUSE UPGRADES WITHOUT THE PENTHOUSE PRICE!"

The only higher units are the actual penthouses, but this level also enjoys high-speed elevators and rare 11-foot condo ceilings. Since the building — Atlantic Station's tallest — opened in 2009, the unit has been upgraded with wide-plank hardwood floors, a chef's kitchen, custom lighting, and automatic shades.

Another perk: This baby comes fully furnished, like it's "House Hunters: Island Edition," or something.

Elsewhere, the modernized Art Deco theme carries from the building's exterior to the interior common areas, which include a swanky communal theater room and lovely pool. But given the location in such a retail mecca, one might expect the Walk Score to be a tad higher than 82.