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Portman Tower at Tech Square Gets Name, Visuals

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Billed as "Coda," the building will bring 1 million square feet of space to Tech Square

The long-anticipated High Performance Computing Center proposed at Tech Square is officially moving forward. At a press conference Wednesday, the massive new complex was christened "Coda," with Georgia Tech administrators, Portman Holdings leadership, city officials, and a slew of press in attendance.

Designed by John Portman & Associates — and being developed by Portman Holdings and leased by JLL — the project will house a staggering 1 million square feet of space, swallowing up the entire block bounded by Spring and West Peachtree streets between 4th Street and Armstead Place.

The centerpiece will be a 21-story glass tower. Expect 620,000 square feet of office space (that's substantially more than Ponce City Market), providing for Georgia Tech as well as corporate tenants. Additionally, there will be 80,000 square feet of high performance computing space.

Down at street level, retail storefronts will take up 40,000 square feet, while an "outdoor living room" will swallow an additional 20,000 square feet. What remains of the Crum and Forster building will be reinvented as a "chef driven" restaurant, officials said.

A large power station, generating 9+ megawatts of power (that's a lot), rounds out the project.

Along with renderings and a name, the project gained a timeline at Wednesday's gathering. If all goes according to plan, work should commence in November, with the project slated to open January 1, 2019.