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Live Like Old Hollywood in Buckhead

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Ever wanted your own secret room and speakeasy?

Ever get the urge to pick up a guitar and break into song during social engagements? Or saddle up on your trusty steed and dramatically ride off into the sunset? Yeah?

The folks at Keller Williams have got just the home.

Behold, the Buckhead Ponderosa! According to the listing, this 5,098-square-foot throwback was "inspired by old Hollywood" in the tradition of Gene Autry and Will Rogers. An asking price of $1.16 million gets any well-to-do cowpoke the keys to this five bedroom, four bathroom property in Garden Hills.

Built in 1956, the Buckhead Ponderosa is located on two lots with an enclosed porch that overlooks a private backyard. It also features 19th Century stone, brick and wood beams throughout, 16-foot ceilings, original tongue and groove walls and — get this — a secret room with speakeasy bar. Why, that all sounds mighty nice.

All that's missing is a crisp Stetson hat and a fresh pair of cowhide boots.