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Psssst. An Urban Farmers Market has Launched Downtown

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Just so happens the location has Atlanta's highest Walk Score

In another sign that downtown Atlanta is not only resurgent but conducive to healthy human existence, a bona fide urban farmers market has launched this month — at an iconic location that's like a New Urbanist utopia.

The Peachtree Center Green Market will set up shop between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. each Thursday through October, offering downtown workers and residents a market-style experience with more than a dozen local vendors. Offerings include fresh food, baked goods, organic beverages like coffee, juice, and kombucha and more.

It doesn't hurt that Peachtree Center — John Portman's brainchild in the 1960s — is connected to a heavy rail station and boasts Atlanta's highest Walk Score (96), officials said. This year marks the sixth running of the urban market, which is being billed as a unique placemaking opportunity.

"People come to the market each week from all over downtown to grab fresh peaches, delicious pastries, and other locally grown and prepared fresh foods to enjoy at lunch or take home," Marti Blackstock of Banyan Street Capital, owner and operator of Peachtree Center, said in a release. "Peachtree Center is truly the heart and soul of downtown Atlanta, and events such as the Green Market contribute to the town square-like feel of the courtyard."

More specifically, names like Cosmos Organic Farm, Pearson Farms, and Sweet Auburn Bread are returning for 2016; new vendors include Banjo Cold Brew Coffee and The Allergy-Friendly Vegetarian.

Another cool touch each week: live music.