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How Mercedes-Benz Stadium is Rising Up Right Now

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Progress on the mega-facility is picking as the deadline looms — just over a year away

Progress on the stadium's exterior.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Work on Mercedes-Benz Stadium on the western side of downtown is in high gear as the 2017 deadline gets closer and closer.

With beautiful spring weather providing an apt backdrop, it seemed an opportune time to have a gander. Work has been delayed in past months by issues with erecting the roof, but the construction site was abuzz with activity this past weekend.

There's a lot to show for the effort, as the stadium has come a long way in the last two months. Trusses are being installed that will support the sliding roof and structure for the pedestrian plazas that will link the facility to Andrew Young International Boulevard. Check out the progress made through Sunday afternoon:

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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