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New Tour offers 'Walking Dead' Fans More Access

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Lovers of the AMC series have the chance to explore a range of sites from Season Six

Small towns on the southern fringes of metro Atlanta can be described as quaint, sleepy, or even a little dead. But in Hampton and Griffin in Henry County, things are becoming a bit undead.

For years now, popular zombie apocalypse TV show The Walking Dead has used a range of locations around the metro for filming. And with interest in the series far from croaking, Atlanta Movie Tours has created a new tour — their third such offering — of sites to see south of the ATL. The latest offering highlights places like Esco Field Mill, Bob-e-Que, and other locations from Season Six of the series.

Thanks to tax incentives, Atlanta has reaped many benefits from its burgeoning status as Hollywood of the south. The show will be returning to air this fall for Season Seven, featuring more Georgia film locations.