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New ITP Townhomes Coming to Clairmont Road

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Developers may have hit the motherlode with 3.4-acre assemblage, allowing for 37 new residences

As the popularity of ITP living grows, new townhomes are popping up on lots once occupied by single-family homes. While one home can often be swapped for a few townhomes, developers are always on the lookout for the motherlode: a deep, spacious lot.

Beazer Homes, in collaboration with Embry Group, lucked out with not just one, but six adjacent, well-located lots totaling 3.4 acres. According to Tomorrow's News Today, the firms are in the process of replacing six homes on the lots with an impressively shoehorned 37 townhomes.

Located off Clairmont Road in Chamblee, the townhomes in Glenmaye will be roughly six miles from Midtown via Interstate 85, which should be a selling point. Each home will be at least 1,800 square feet and feature two-car garages. While residents will share a dog park and community garden space, the development will likely mean the demise of many large old trees on the site.

The developer was able to scoop up the land assemblage for just $2.3 million. If the townhomes nearby in Buckhead and Brookhaven are any indication, this project could net Beazer a pretty penny.

No word yet on pricing, but it's a safe bet these could be a cheaper option over, say, the Old Fourth Ward and Decatur.