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Entire Neighborhood Could be Annihilated for Mixed-Use

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Pill Hill residences could soon be replaced by medical offices, senior housing, and high-end homes

An entire residential street in Sandy Springs could soon be no more, the victim of mixed-use mania sweeping the northern Perimeter area.

According to Reporter Newspapers, Clementstone Drive, along with the eight single-family homes, could be torn out to provide a large tract of land with frontage on the Glenridge Connector and Peachtree-Dunwoody Road. The project would abut the recently completed Ronald McDonald House.

Joe Cannon, a real estate broker for the transaction, noted that developer Richmond Honan hopes to bring a range of uses to the 13-acre site. Possibilities include retail space, senior housing, and possibly some doctors' offices.

To the south of the site, there's even the potential for "some extremely high-end luxury homes," Cannon told the newspaper. Additionally, Cannon noted that the proposed development could house some medical staff from Northside Hospital.

This isn't the first time a contentious project has popped up on the residential side of Pill Hill.

Last year, residents in Brookhaven expressed major concerns over a planned development just over the county border in Sandy Springs.

However, despite the kerfuffle, by the end of the year plans were moving forward to bring 305 apartments and 10,000 square feet of retail space to a site formerly occupied by single-family homes.