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This Secluded, Contemporary Oasis Pines for $1.4M

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When it comes to privacy, nothing beats Chattahoochee National Park in the backyard

Most of the time, a homebuyer whose checklist includes bountiful skylights, Chattahoochee National Park frontage, and bed swings would be S.O.L. in the ATL.

But then this Buckhead contemporary from 1990 came along.

Tucked behind fancy gates in an ITP subdivision called Buckhead Whitewater Creek, this appears to be a very serene spread, with a tiered oasis in the backyard girded by a sloping screen of lush trees.

The porte cochère is big enough for the Four Seasons, and not much divulges the 1990s vintage here besides, perhaps, the stucco and dated (main) kitchen. Elsewhere, this is an instance where the overused "resort-style" pool area description is apt.

The facts: five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a three-car garage for $1.47 million.