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Rent the Stone-Filled 'Diamond of Brookhaven' for $3,450

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Or buy this stacked-stone wonderland for a discounted $780,000

Down the way from Perimeter Mall, this ITP residence is being marketed as "The Diamond of Brookhaven," but it looks more like the Stone Ages reincarnate.

For anyone who believes stacked-stone, interior accents nourish the soul — well, welcome to paradise. It's the result of a $350,000 renovation, per the listing. And it's available to rent for $3,450 — which is $1,500 cheaper than the going rate earlier this month.

It has five bedrooms, two laundry rooms, access to great schools and killer hospitals, and a downstairs segment that gives new meaning to "man cave."

Perks include a double-whammy of carports, and as the listing agent stresses, "Two Very Luxury Kitchens & Four Very Luxury Full bathrooms with exotic granite tops." What's more, the front yard could host the mother of all pick-up basketball games.

Alternately, this place is for sale too — for a reduced $780,000.

By appointment only. Because not just anybody can behold The Diamond.