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Latest Buckhead Village Apartments to Break Ground

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Trammell Crow Residential is bringing 244 rentals to Pharr Road

Make way for more apartments in Buckhead Village.

Trammell Crow Residential is prepping to start construction on their latest residential building, according to BuckheadView. Designed by Rule Joy Trammell & Rubio, the building will sit on just .64 acres, continuing the trend of upping density in the area.

First announced a year ago, the five-story building will bring 244 rental units to Pharr Road and Grandview Avenue. There will be two stories of parking below the building, providing just 1.4 parking spaces per unit, thanks to new data that show households are now less likely to use two spaces. Score one for urban walkability!

However, urban affordability is another matter. Average rents will run around $1,800 per month, and there are no plans for affordable housing units.

Demolition of the existing midcentury buildings on site — including a super retro round retail space — will begin on Monday.

The site is just down the street from an even taller mixed-use residential building announced last October. With the pace of development in the area, there might soon be nothing left of the low-slung early- and midcentury structures that defined the neighborhood for decades.

Well, except Buckhead Exchange and a few old houses...