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In Midtown, Work Begins on Hotel at Arts Center

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Demolition of old restaurant means fresh start on West Peachtree

If all goes according to plan, the neighborhood around the High Museum will soon be home to a relatively tall new hotel.

Demolition of a long-vacant restaurant at the corner of West Peachtree and 15th streets at the end of last week marks the beginning of work on a planned Hampton Inn & Suites, located just across the street from Arts Center MARTA station. Announced over a year ago, the project will bring a 19-story, 169-room hotel to the super-block containing One Atlantic Center.

The hotel, designed by Lindsay Pope Brayfield Clifford & Associates, will stand across the street from the under-construction AMLI Arts Center project.

The yellow brick building that occupied the site until last week was originally designed as a restaurant by noted Atlanta architect Tom Ventulett, but most recently was home to Club 2winz and/or Club Jaguar.

With work now underway, that moves another project on the Midtown development map from "proposed" to "under construction."