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Own This Sprawling Modern Cabin Near Emory for $1.1M

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No, that's not Ellijay

This huge contemporary cabin within walking distance of Emory University has been the subject of television spotlights and newspaper articles, the listing agent says. Given its semi-urban setting and audaciously rustic architecture, it's easy to see why.

Built in 1996, this 5,053-square-footer in Druid Hills really capitalizes on its mountain-like surroundings of woods and water, incorporating plentiful windows among airy rooms and one large outdoor space after the next. (It's all the rage with owls, hawks, and pileated woodpeckers, per the listing). Rustic elements include a cast-iron stove, exposed beams, and magnificent stacked stone galore.

Head-scratching moments come with the abundance of carpet, what looks like a flatscreen TV built into the kitchen island, and the fact the home has just three bedrooms among so much floorspace.

Beyond the $1.09 million asking price, a buyer might want to reserve some room in the budget for updating bathrooms. And, given the topography, it looks like the only parking is a street-side pad.