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Midtown Home has Touches Like You've Never Seen

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Pull-down staircase in the living room? Check

Seems like there's a surprise waiting behind every corner of this two-bedroom, two-bathroom Midtown home.

It's got every variety, shade, and pattern of woodgrain you can fathom on the ceiling, walls, floors, and doorways; there's a sort of pull-down staircase/drawbridge leading up to "a large bonus room" that is very unusual indeed; and, can we talk about that sky-blue, monolithic tower behind the bar in the kitchen?

Last but certainly not least — just look at that floorplan. Ever seen anything like it? Talk about unique. And is that a ballet barre?

With an asking price of $625,000, the 1,856-square-foot home is described in the listing as having "amazing light and a great feel," but also an "additional bedroom/bath (needs work) and an unfinished storage area." Yeah, $600,000 doesn't stretch as far as it used to, even in Midtown.

Other notables: a full deck overlooking a "zen backyard." Perfect for pondering the idiosyncratic architectural origins of your brand-new abode.