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Atlanta In Context: a Changing City, Through the Eyes of Atlantans

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Perspectives on the Atlanta of right here, right now

All aboard for the latest installment of our photo-driven series called "Atlanta In Context."

In a rapidly changing city, these are snapshot compilations of points of interest around the Big Peach as seen through our lenses — and those of readers. Think of it as a potpourri of unrelated (but interesting) perspectives on the ATL. Candy for the brain and eyes.

This installment takes us to a gutted Manuel's Tavern, the bones of new Midtown towers, and a rollicking new day-drinking emporium in the Old Fourth Ward.

As always, the floor is open to readers who'd like to email a pro shot or decent camera phone pic for a future Atlanta In Context post. We'll be sure to include full credit, so you'll see your name (and spellbinding Atlanta imagery) in lights. Just make sure you provide relevant context as to where the photo was taken and why it's cool. (All photos must be at least 1,000 pixels wide, please).

Email applicable photos to the tipline.