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What?! Cabbagetown has Zero Houses for Sale Right Now

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It's hard out there for a buyer

In the market for a pretty Victorian or cute shotgun in Cabbagetown at the moment? Well, you're S.O.L.

As of Wednesday, not a single standalone house was for sale in Cabbagetown, marking the first time in our recent, collective memories that a stable intown neighborhood had dried up to zero inventory. Even tiny Howell Station usually has a couple of houses up for grabs.

Unless there's some single-family Cabbagetown property floating in obscure Internet listings ether right now, house hunters will have to move on to Reynoldstown, where a bountiful six houses are seeking buyers. Or make an offer on a Cabbagtown condo. There are two of those for sale.

As we've seen, Cabbagetown — like many other intown neighborhoods — has been the scene of bidding wars recently. And yes, that price-chopped and purple mill-town bungalow has been claimed.

It's safe to say Cabbagetown homeowners are in a position of leverage at the moment.