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Trendy Mixed-Use Plans Emerge for Far-Westside

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On site of a long-blighted former warehouse, renderings show restaurant, office space

As proof that investment is forging ever westward from Midtown, plans for a new mixed-use development on Howell Mill Road are slated to go before the Howell Station Neighborhood Association, a tipster reports.

Renderings provide the layout for prospective restaurant and office space at 1045 West Marietta St. — property located between McPherson Oil and Bim's Liquor Store.

A project summary by the developer reads:

"1045 West Marietta is a vacant warehouse that has been unoccupied for over 12 years. The property has been in a complete state of disrepair with no utility service and overtaken by kudzu and rubbish. We intend to fully renovate this property and make it one of the most unique loft offices in the West Midtown area. We plan on having a co-working tenant by Summer, 2016."

Howell Mill has been blowing up lately, but this seems to be one of the more trendy developments west of the bustling stretch — near the Howell Station neighborhood and, one day, the Beltline-adjacent Bellwood Quarry Park. If approved by the neighborhood association, the plans next go before Neighorhood Planning Unit-K.

According to our tipster, it could be "one of the first rehabs for the blighted properties skirting Howell Station ... we expect to see the remainder of the properties on this stretch of Marietta snatched up as the Bellwood Quarry Park moves forward."

In November last year, the Howell Station Neighborhood Association pushed back and effectively defeated plans for a proposed gas station on the Beltline. According to our source, though, the group is supportive of this mixed-use development.